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National Food Broker Makes Brand Partnerships Come Naturally with GoSpotCheck by FORM


As emerging brands begin to increase sales and success, the natural next step is to scale their operations and expand distribution channels. At this point, many brands will seek the assistance of a broker to help them even further accelerate growth. In the fast-growing consumer packaged goods industry, one company stands out as a prominent food broker and merchandiser.

This organization is a leading national brokerage and operates as an intermediary between food manufacturers and retailers. Their mission is to help brands gain visibility and placement in the nation’s largest food retailers, ensuring consumers have access to a variety of healthy and enjoyable products. 

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering quality products to consumers, this broker needed to deliver comprehensive value to brands, but faced challenges in managing store audits, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and gaining real-time insights into retail execution across the United States. However, their journey took a significant turn for the better when they adopted GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software.

The Challenge

When it comes to consumer goods merchandising, there is no shortage of vendors at the store level. As consumers’ interest in cooking at increases, the packaged food industry is becoming more competitive, with multiple brands vying for shelf space and consumer attention. Working with hundreds of brands, it’s essential that the broker managed its operations and relationships at the highest level possible. However, with so many brands in their portfolio, collecting and analyzing KPIs for each retail brand across multiple locations proved to be time-consuming and prone to human error. They needed a consolidated platform to collect data and monitor performance effectively.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for an integrated and streamlined approach, the food broker implemented GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software. This mobile-based platform, which features digital task management, dynamic photo reporting, and advanced insights, offered them the configurable solution they needed.

The Results

Efficient and Accurate Store Audits

The mobile task management capabilities of GoSpotCheck reduced the time and effort required for store audits. The app’s intuitive interface enabled the broker’s reps to collect data on out-of-stocks, voids filled, new placements, corrections, units packed out, and new facings accurately and efficiently.

By streamlining audits and consolidating data through GoSpotCheck, the broker achieved greater operational efficiency. Instead of spending hours visiting and re-visiting accounts, they could focus on strategic initiatives, such as expanding their brand portfolio and exploring new market opportunities.

Increased Product Visibility

With real-time insights, the food broker could ensure that its brand partners’ products were consistently in stock and well-placed on shelves, leading to increased visibility and sales. With shareable reporting dashboards, the broker was able to provide their brands with real-time data on retail execution across the country. They could spot trends and address issues promptly, ensuring optimal product availability and visibility for their brand partners.

Improved Compliance

The photo reporting feature helped the broker assess compliance with retail brand guidelines, leading to better merchandising and enhanced brand representation. GoSpotCheck’s photo reporting feature provided before and after pictures of store shelves, giving the broker and their brand partners a visual understanding of product placements and compliance.

Enhanced Decision-Making

With advanced insights, the food broker gained a comprehensive view of their market performance, helping them make data-driven decisions to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. The availability of real-time data and KPI trends enabled the broker to make data-driven decisions and take proactive measures to address issues promptly. This agility in decision-making gave them a competitive advantage in their space.

Stronger Brand Partnerships

With the ability to provide comprehensive reports and visual evidence to brand partners, the broker was able to strengthen their relationships and gain their trust. This led to increased collaboration and mutually beneficial growth.

Measurable Growth

The food broker’s adoption of GoSpotCheck by FORM translated into measurable growth. They saw an increase in market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction, positioning them as a leading natural food broker in the industry.


By leveraging GoSpotCheck by FORM’s retail execution software, the leading food broker and merchandiser successfully overcame challenges related to store audits and retail execution. The mobile task management, photo reporting, and real-time insights provided by the platform empowered the broker to streamline operations, track KPIs, monitor market performance, and make informed decisions. As a result, they achieved consistent growth, strengthened brand partnerships, and established themselves as a trusted and efficient player in the CPG and Retail industry.

About GoSpotCheck by FORM

GoSpotCheck by FORM unleashes the power of field teams to drive market execution with the only mobile solution that combines dynamic task management, industry-leading image recognition, photo reporting, field team communications, and advanced reporting – all within one easy-to-use platform. Guide teams, improve execution, and drive sales while creating a shared view of the field that helps leaders make better decisions, faster. Sell more with GoSpotCheck, the field execution app that guides, tracks, and improves performance in real time.