Top Eyewear Manufacturer Meets its Vision of Improved Maintenance & Sales Growth


Since first opening a store with an in-house lab over 20 years ago, a popular eyewear manufacturer has been one step ahead of the competition. Today, with hundreds of locations across the country, the company has solidified its position as a leading eyewear provider committed to providing affordable, quality eyewear to its customers. As the organization continued to grow, they were seeking a solution for improving audits and equipment inspections across locations.

The company implemented FORM OpX, a cutting-edge operational excellence solution, to optimize its store audits, gain real-time insights into quality, and automate preventative maintenance on its eyewear manufacturing assets. Since adopting the mobile compliance app, the company has witnessed steady improvements in various aspects of its operations, including an overall enhancement in quality, sales growth, and improved preventative maintenance on key equipment used in the eyewear manufacturing process.

The Challenge

Providing vision solutions and accessories requires precision, organization, visibility, and compliance. Prior to implementing FORM OpX, the eyewear retail manufacturer faced several challenges in ensuring operations were efficient and effective. Manual store audits, quality checks, and preventative maintenance procedures were time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to delays and inconsistencies in identifying and resolving issues. The lack of real-time insights hindered proactive decision-making, impeding their ability to address quality concerns promptly.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the eyewear retail manufacturer adopted FORM OpX, a comprehensive operational excellence solution. FORM OpX guides productivity with digital inspections and flexible workflows across locations. Stores and users are automatically assigned routine quality and maintenance checks via FORM’s user-friendly mobile app to save time and ensure standards are met everywhere.

The Results

Streamlined Store Audits

With FORM OpX, the eyewear company revolutionized its store and equipment auditing processes. The mobile solution automates daily checklists and forms and can be configured to each field rep, store, and location. Digital task lists ensure maintenance and quality checks are done on the correct schedule and reduce the overall time and effort required for audits. FORM’s mobile app allows teams to conduct assessments efficiently, capturing the right data at the right time. This enabled teams to be efficient, accurate, flexible, and consistent across their hundreds of retail and manufacturing locations.

Real-Time Insights into Store Quality, Compliance, and Maintenance

FORM OpX empowered the eyewear retail manufacturer to make data-driven decisions with real-time insights into the quality, compliance, and maintenance of each store as well as its overall brand. The solution integrated seamlessly with its existing business intelligence reporting system to provide a centralized platform for monitoring key metrics and performance indicators. This real-time visibility enabled swift identification of quality issues and non-compliance, which allowed teams to prompt corrective actions with workflows within the app. As a result, the company experienced a significant improvement in product quality, leading to enhanced customer and employee satisfaction, brand loyalty, and increased sales.

Automated Asset & Equipment Maintenance

Managing and maintaining assets effectively is crucial for any retail manufacturer. FORM OpX automated equipment inspection checklists across hundreds of locations for the eyewear retailer, ensuring timely maintenance checks and repairs were completed efficiently to help minimize downtime. The solution’s email alerts, escalations, and reassignment features enabled proactive and timely maintenance. By automating asset maintenance, the company saw a significant improvement in equipment maintenance, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing costs associated with equipment failures.

Sales Growth

The improved operations resulting from FORM OpX allowed the company to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience. As a result, they witnessed an increase in sales, highlighting the positive impact of improved operations on business performance.


By implementing FORM OpX, the eyewear retail manufacturer successfully transformed their store audits, gained real-time insights into quality, and automated asset maintenance. The solution’s automated task management, user-friendly mobile app, integrations capabilities, and real-time data insights empowered the company to grow and achieve remarkable results, including improvements in quality, sales growth, and a better overall system for preventative maintenance on thousands of pieces of key equipment used in the manufacturing process. With FORM OpX, the eyewear retail manufacturer transformed their operations, positioning itself as an industry leader with enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

About FORM OpX

FORM OpX empowers teams to improve operational compliance by digitizing audits and inspections to reduce risk and improve safety and quality from the frontline. FORM OpX mobile workflows make it easy to capture the right data, at the right place, at the right time – every time. Teams stay connected with instant frontline communications on mobile, and real-time insights allow leaders to spot and fix issues quickly and measure trends over time so teams can take action on the opportunities that move the business forward. Learn more about the power of FORM OpX here.

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