Export form to PDF in offline mode

Have you ever needed to provide a copy of your audit to a manager while on-site, but couldn’t because of spotty internet connection? Not anymore! We’re adding a new feature to all apps that allows you to export a completed form to PDF while in offline mode on iOS, and Android.

How it works: After filling out your form, hit the “Export” icon. Once the export completes, you can choose from an array of sharing options to distribute your PDF.

Form gallery on iOS & Android apps

We’re simplifying how your mobile users capture photos while completing forms. With Form Gallery, users can snap multiple photos within the gallery interface without having to exit their camera.

How it works: Activate “Form Gallery” under “Form Settings” from the application’s Admin side. Form Gallery allows your users to take multiple shots within the same interface, and later refer to any particular photo from that gallery while answering form questions.

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