Launches ‘Dashboards’ Functionality to Simplify Analysis of Field & Operational Data Across the Enterprise

Braintree, MA – March 29, 2019 – WorldAPP, a leading provider of enterprise mobile forms solutions, today announced the official release of Dashboards, a comprehensive reporting suite to efficiently process, visualize, and share large amounts of field and operational data. Dashboards provides customers the ability to conduct deeper analysis and gain more meaningful insights into operations in real time, leading to better data-based decisions.

Dashboards offer several key features for processing and analyzing data: 

  • Large-Scale Aggregation: Process millions of records in real time without sacrificing performance.
  • Data Visualization: Choose from a variety of chart and table types to explore, filter, and visualize data.
  • Drag & Drop Interface: Easily build charts and graphs and have the data visualize automatically.
  • Real-Time Processing: Use calculations and formulas to instantly break down data as it’s submitted.
  • Custom Designs: Customize the design of charts and graphs to give each data set a relevant look and feel.
  • Access Levels & Permissions: Restrict and share dashboard elements based on user and group permissions.
  • Mobile-Friendly Interface: Anything built within Dashboards is automatically mobile-optimized and responsive.

In addition to helping companies zero in on key information across multiple points of intersection, Dashboards also makes it easier to identify trends, inconsistencies, and changes in performance. Current customers have found Dashboards easy to use, flexible, and able to provide meaningful insights on their data.

“’s new Dashboards functionality is simply spectacular,” said Marc Hauser, President of Risk Eraser. “It’s elegant, easy to use and most importantly, allows you take any customized form and translate the data input into visually informative, analytically powerful patterns for evidence-based interpretation and decision making. It will transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your work.”

“’s new Dashboards functionality is simply spectacular”

“Making field and operational data actionable is challenging, especially for enterprise organizations with large mobile workforces or distributed locations,” said Alexander Zagvazdin, Vice President of Product at “But with Dashboards, customers can quickly gain critical insights and efficiently share them across their entire operation. Any company that prioritizes operational improvement will immediately see the value of Dashboards, so we’re excited to deliver this functionality to the market.”

Dashboards are fully released and available to current customers. For more information or to request a demonstration of Dashboards, please visit

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